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Customized, guided selling for everything from airplanes to oil pumps. This is the Modern Digital Buying Experience.

Users demand B2C Digital Experiences from their B2B partners

Customers want the same seamless omnichannel digital experiences from their B2B partners as they experience when buying online from their favorite shops like Amazon and Nike. Businesses that have been slow to adapt are now scrambling to get their digital storefronts ready, but aging, disconnected applications, manual processes, and complex order configurations and pricing are difficult challenges that many companies struggle to overcome. CPQ offers these businesses the ability to catch up, fast.

Benefits of CPQ

  • Support complex, global pricing strategies with real-time pricing and ordering from standardized price books
  • Intelligent proposal generation tools providing automated, accurate quoting
  • Rich user interfaces with unlimited customization options lead to improved customer experiences and larger volume sales
  • Many CPQ solutions and capabilities are accessible from within your existing CRM
  • Guided selling capabilities shorten the sales cycle by enabling efficient and profitable customized buyer’s journeys

How We Help

we has proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators for CPQ, including CRM, quoting, order management and supply chain. We create seamless customer experiences focused on complex CPQ, services, and proposals. We’ve been doing CPQ for more than 15 years and know the secret to decreasing the time and costs associated with complex sales processes and products.

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