Managed Services

A Modern Approach to Managed Services

AllPro Consulting is not like other managed services firms. We not only keep you operational in a cost-effective manner, but we can adapt your complex application solutions to support new strategy initiatives or fundamentally change the way your organization operates.

We raise the bar thanks to our:

  • Deep expertise across the Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and more
  • Ability to assess your readiness for the cloud and then create a roadmap for the journey
  • 30+ specializations designations from leading business platforms and applications
  • Best-in-class, highly-customizable change management process to seamlessly transition you to a managed services environment

With AllPro Consulting in your corner, you get more than the typical break / fix solution package. You are presented with a flexible, strategic approach for managing your systems and processes. We help you turn IT into a profit center, delivering higher value to meet both short-term and long-term strategies.

Managed Services


of IT support for a business process can be handled via managed services

AllPro Consulting Managed Services Business Value:

  • Free up IT resources to focus on revenue-generating and growth activities
  • Eliminate staffing and challenges and endless hiring cycles
  • Speed up problem resolution and reduce downtime
  • Identify weaknesses and fill in vital gaps to optimize the entire IT environment
  • Control costs and improve ROI

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